Bayern München 2021 Pastel Collection Released

Update: The first pieces from the outstanding Adidas Bayern München 2021 Pastel collection are now available to buy.

Completing the leaks of the Adidas 2021 Pastel Packs, we show off the Pastel Collection of Bavarian club Bayern München.

LEAKED: Adidas To Release 2021 Elite Teams Pastel Collection

Bayern 2021 Pastel Pack

Bayern München's Pastel Pack combines the main color Dash Grey with a dark teal green. While this has less in common with Bayern München's traditional red and white colors at first glance, we believe that there is a simple yet traditional explanation of the color scheme.

The grey and green color combo has been used for traditional Bavarian costume since more than 150 years at Bavarian festivals such as the world's famous Oktoberfest and other regional festivals.

Windbreaker - 80 EUR

The Adidas Bayern München 2021 Pastel windbreaker introduces a bold design in grey with a pixelated halftone pattern across the upper front and hood.

Tee - 35 EUR

Polo - 45 EUR

Pants - 55 EUR

Shorts - 40 EUR

Do you think we are right with the color inspiration? What do you think of the Bayern München Pastel color combo? Drop us a line below.