Shanghai SIPG Becomes Shanghai Port FC & Chinese Champions Jiangsu Suning Rebranded As Jiangsu FC

Update: It is looking increasingly likely that the Chinese Super League teams will simply replace the forbidden company affiliations in their branding after Shanghai Port FC revealed their new identity. The new Shanghai Port logo simply replaces the writing 'SIPG FC' with 'SHANGHAI PORT FC', but the essence of the previous shield remains. Check it out below.

Most Chinese football clubs are forced to change their name in 2021 due to a new policy of the Chinese Football Association (CFA). Now 2020 league champions Jiangsu Suning has changed its name to Jiangsu FC and revealed their new logo.

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Jiangsu Suning Becomes Jiangsu FC

The new Jiangsu FC logo comes without all the Suning elements to apply with the rules - the Suning lettering on the top has been replaced by 'Jiangsu', while the Jiangsu Suning Football Club lettering on the bottom has been completely removed.

Jiangsu FC (formerly Jiangsu Suning FC) is owned by Suning Holdings Group, which also owns Italian side Inter Milan. The company is in financial difficulty and could not pay the wages of the Chinese club's players.

We expect more Chinese Super League team logos to be revealed in the coming weeks.

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