FIFA Kit Creator Showcase Launched

In early December 2020, a new tool to create custom kits for FIFA 21 (PC version only) was launched, called "FIFA Kit Creator". Now the people behind FIFA Kit Creator have introduced a new feature - FIFA Kit Creator Showcase.

Check out FIFA Kit Creator Showcase Now

FIFA Kit Creator Showcase

FIFA Kit Creator Showcase allows people to share the custom kit designs they created using FIFA Kit Creator.

However, you can not only share your designs but also follow other creators and check out the most popular kits.

People already submitted hundreds of different designs, including some spectacular jerseys that would surely be bestsellers if being released.

What is the best is that you can just use FIFA Kit Creator to design your own kits with no need of having or playing FIFA - the tool is possible to use with your phone, tablet, PC or any other modern device.

Create your own kits with FIFA Kit Creator

Check out FIFA Kit Creator Showcase Now

Do you like the kits created with FIFA Kit Creator? Have you already tied out to create your own concept kits using the tool? Comment below.