Raheem Sterling Has Possibly Already Signed With New Balance

Update: After wearing custom blacked-out Nike Phantom Venom football boots for several months, Raheem Sterling has switched to his custom / white gold New Balance Furon 6+ boots.

Raheem Sterling Switches Back To Customized White / Golden New Balance Boots

The custom white / gold Sterling NB boots have been designed by boot customizers @bcbootsuk. They have a golden birds graphic to the heel and a metallic golden sole plate.

The fact that Sterling first laced up in lifestyle New Balance shoes and then switched to unbranded customized white / golden New Balance cleats makes it more likely that he has indeed signed with New Balance.

Update: It is possible that Raheem Sterling has already signed a deal with New Balance! The Manchester City striker has been spotted wearing the New Balance 327 sneakers ahead of the Champions League match against Gladbach.

Raheem Sterling Wears New Balance Sneakers Ahead of Champions League Match, New Balance Likes Tweet About Deal

What adds much confidence to the New Balance Sterling deal is that New Balance liked a Tweet with the caption "New deal done?!'.

In the match against Borussia Mönchengladbach, Sterling was still wearing his custom blacked-out Nike Phantom Venom football boots.

Early 2021 - Raheem Sterling Wears Custom Blacked-Out Nike Boots - New Balance Deal Failed?

In November 2020, everything appeared like that New Balance has signed a contract with Manchester City striker Raheem Sterling. However, since then, nothing was announced officially but Sterling reverted to "unbranded" Nike boots...

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Raheem Sterling's Custom Blacked-Out Nike Phantom Venom Boots

Instead of wearing blackout New Balance football boots as he did in November, Raheem Sterling has been wearing custom blacked-out Nike Phantom Venom football boots in the past few games.

Sterling painted the Nike Phantom Venom from the Future Lab Pack blackWhat makes Sterling's boots look interesting is that they are reddish on the tongue area - he painted the Nike Phantom Venom from the Nike Future Lab Pack black.

But what does it mean that Sterling is still wearing blacked-out Nike boots?

First, the fact that he is wearing blackout boots means that his deal with Nike is pretty sure over. Second, he has no valid contract yet as otherwise he would wear branded boots.

It is possible that he is not allowed to wear boots of another brand after the end of his Nike deal for a certain period of time - a common clause in contracts. Talks with New Balance could have failed as well, but that is not known yet.

In terms of tech, Raheem Sterling's Nike Phantom Venom soccer shoes are identical to the original release of Nike's now-discontinued silo.

Sterling To Join New Balance - Official Announcement Imminent?

Watch out for Raheem Sterling's boots in the coming matches.

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