Real Madrid 2021 Pastel Collection Leaked

Update: Official pictures of all pieces from the upcoming Adidas x Real Madrid Pastel pack have been leaked.

Update: Inspired by the leaked Adidas Real Madrid pastel collection, we have created a Real Madrid pastel concept kit. Adidas will not release an actual football kit as part of the Pastel collection, unfortunately.

Real Madrid Pastel Concept Kit

Adidas will release smooth-colored collections for their five big teams in Spring 2021 - Arsenal, Bayern, Juventus, Manchester United and Real Madrid.

Real Madrid 2021 Pastel Collection

The various items from the Adidas Real Madrid 2021 Pastel collection combine the colors Bright Cyan (a bright blue), white and grey. Except the Windbreaker jacekt, they have no bespoke designs but are the same as the items of the ther teams.

There is no football kit includedThe Adidas Real Madrid 2021 Pastel Collection does not include a football kit - the pack will be only worn off-pitch.

Windbreaker - 80 EUR

Tee - 35 EUR

Polo - 45 EUR

Pants - 55 EUR

Shorts - 40 EUR

The new Adidas Real Madrid pastel pack will be released in March 2021, just as the pastel collections of the other teams.

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