Real Madrid To Sign 'Saudi Arabia' Sponsorship Deal

Real Madrid is set to sign a deal with Saudi Arabia to promote the country's Qiddiya project, according to a report of 'The Times'.

Saudi Arabia's Qiddiya Project To Become New Real Madrid Women's Main Sponsor

As reported by 'The Times', two separate leaked documents reveal that Real Madrid has been in advanced talks with Saudi Arabia’s state-owned Qiddiya project about a €150 million (£130 million) partnership deal.

The possible Saudi Arabia x Real Madrid partnership would make Saudi Arabia's Qiddiya project the main sponsor for the club’s women’s team as well as a premium sponsor of the Real Madrid Men's team.

Real Madrid Women's team does not have an own main sponsor yet

Qiddiya is a £5.7 billion entertainment megaproject built close to Riyadh. It is intended to become Saudi Arabia’s “capital of sports and entertainment”.

It could be another attempt by the country to use “sportswashing”As written by "The Times", Saudi Arabia's approach to Real "could be another attempt by the country to use “sportswashing” to gain international influence and positive publicity".

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