Gareth Bale To Rejoin Adidas?

Update: Gareth Bale has trained in the Adidas X Ghosted.1 football boots, suggesting that he could officially rejoin Adidas. He usually laces up in the last-gen Adidas X 19.1 football boots. In February, he was spotted wearing the Tru Tenaci, the first football boots from the Trusox socks company TRU.

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First-Ever 'TruSox Football Boot' Launched - New Rival for Adidas & Nike?

Gareth Bale Trains in Latest Adidas X Football Boots

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Tottenham winger Gareth Bale has surprised everyone with his latest boot choice in training - the Welshmen became the world's first famous player to wear the boots of TRU, the company behind the famous Trusox.

In 2013, aged 23, Gareth Bale was already one of the first players to wear Trusox's anti-slipping socks.

Bale has been without a boot contract for a few months - he is wearing the old Adidas X 19.1 boots in a camouflaged version usually.

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Gareth Bale Trains in Trusox Tenaci Boots

Gareth Bale was spotted in Tottenham training this week wearing the Trusox Tenaci soccer cleats. Launched in early 2020, the Trusox Tenaci are the first-ever football boots from TRU, who are famous for the Trusox anti-slipping socks.

The Trusox Tenaci boots have a rather standard soft microfiber upper with a knit-like tongue, with the innovation sitting on the bottom part of the shoes.

The Trusox Tenaci cleats feature a uniquely designed insole for a seamless interconnection between your foot and shoe - the patented IN//EX™ Technology is integrated to both surfaces of the insole and boot chassis.

We will keep an eye on Gareth Bale's boots in the coming weeks...

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