5 Teams We Would Love to See Using Icon as Crest on Kits

Over the course of the last few years, the world of football is witnessing how a lot of famous clubs are completely overhauling their identities (Inter Milan, Sparta Prague...) to become more easily recognisable.

We wanted to take a look at 5 football clubs that can already simplify their appearance for certain products without changing anything fundamentally - by simply following the example of Liverpool and their famous 'Liverbird' on football kits.

Football Kits for Popular Clubs with Simple Icons as Club Logo

In this instance it means that Aston Villa uses a lion, Benevento a witch on a broom and Olympique Lyonnais another lion, while Sevilla would rely on the club's curved initials and Werder Bremen on a simple 'W'.

Basically, we took the instantly recognisable icon of each crest and applied only this icon on each football shirt. The results simplify the appearance, while still representing each club and their identity.

Aston Villa

Benevento Calcio

Olympique Lyonnais

Sevilla FC

Werder Bremen

What do you think of these concepts kits with simple icons as their crest? Do you like current examples like the Liverbird on LFC's kits? Drop us a line below.