Adidas Arsenal, Bayern, Juventus & Real Madrid 21-22 Pre-Match Shirts Leaked

Various Adidas 'Elite' 21-22 pre-match shirts have been leaked over the past few days - let's take a look at all of them.

All Adidas 2021-22 'Elite' pre-match tops feature the same template as well as bold colors that are not related to the colors of the match kits.


Predominantly dark grey, the Adidas Arsenal 21-22 pre-match shirt features a pink and black cloud graphic across the front, back and sleeves - it's the same one that we've seen on other Adidas 'Elite' 21-22 pre-match jerseys.

Arsenal 21-22 Pre-Match Shirt Leaked

Bayern München

Interestingly, the Adidas Bayern München 2021-22 pre-match football shirt is predominantly blue with red and white, based on the same template as the other Adidas 'Elite' pre-match tops.

Bayern München 21-22 Pre-Match Shirt Leaked


The new Juventus 21-22 pre-match shirt is mainly black with an all-over print pattern that gives off the impression of being reflective.

Juventus 21-22 Anthem Jacket Leaked - Different Accent Color Than Home Kit?

Real Madrid

The Adidas Real Madrid 2021-22 pre-match shirt introduces an outstanding design in turquoise with the graphic, which is the same as used on the other Adidas Elite pre-match tops, appearing in dark pink and purple.

Outstanding Real Madrid 21-22 Pre-Match Shirt Leaked

There are no pictures of the Manchester United PM jersey yet.

Are you a fan of this template? Which one of these four designs is your favorite? Comment below.