Juventus 21-22 Pre-Match Shirt & Anthem Jacket Leaked

Update: New pictures of the Juventus 2021-22 pre-match shirt have been leaked. Thanks to #zudaj for sharing them with us.

Juventus 21-22 Pre-Match Shirt

This is the new Adidas Juventus 2021-2022 pre-match jersey.

The new Juventus 21-22 pre-match shirt is mainly black with an all-over print pattern that gives off the impression of being reflective.

While the pattern is black, grey and white, the embroidered club, supplier and sponsor logos on the front of the new Juventus PM jersey are yellow.

Pictures of the Adidas Juventus 2021-2022 anthem jacket have been leaked, a couple of months before its expected release.

Juventus 21-22 Anthem Jacket

This is the Juventus 2021-22 anthem jacket, made by Adidas.

Based on the same template as the other Adidas 'Elite' anthem jackets, the Juventus one is black with golden logos on the front, zippers in the same colors and white 3 Stripes on the sleeves.

Interestingly, the golden yellow used on the anthem jacket is different from what is set to be used by Adidas on the Juventus 21-22 home kit, which is set to feature golden logos and accents.

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