Adidas & MLS Sell Long-Sleeve Kits For Teams From Warm-Weather Climates Only

The 2021 MLS kit release season is almost over. With it, a fan noted that long-sleeve versions are available for a very few teams only, and that the selection of teams is at least "interesting".

Exact Requirements Revealed: Adidas & MLS To Reintroduce Third Kits In 2021, Long Sleeve Kits Have Returned

In 2020, long sleeve jerseys re-appeared for some of MLS's biggest clubs after Adidas (oddly) decided to stop releasing them just in 2019.

MLS Offers Long Sleeve Kits For Best-Selling Clubs, But All Are From Warm Regions

For the 2021 MLS kits, fans can purchase long-sleeve jerseys for three teams so far - Inter Miami, Atlanta United and LA Galaxy. This appears to be very strange at first glance as Miami, Atlanta and LA are cities where it is usually not as cold as in the northern part of the US and Canada.

These three teams have the most shirt sales, so they get long-sleeve jerseysHowever, Adidas does not decide to sell long-sleeve jerseys because of temperatures in each city but depending on shirt sales. Those three clubs just sell more kits than most of the other MLS teams, so they get long-sleeve versions of their kits.

It is possible that Adidas will offer more long-sleeve versions of the MLS 2021 in the future. We expect a long-sleeve version to be available for Seattle Sounders and their yet-to-be-released 2021 away kit.

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What do you think of long-sleeve jerseys not available for clubs from cities where they would be needed most? Comment below.