Bielefeld 20-21 Special Kit Released

Update: The Bielefeld 20-21 'Sondertrikot' was debuted in the Bundesliga match against Schalke last night (1-0), which confirmed the visitors' relegation from the Bundesliga after more than 30 years.

In other news, the club announced that they have reverted changing the club color to a lighter blue. After a large majority of fans voted against the new color the club worked with the Fan Council to define a new official color, in line with what had been used before. Instead of putting light blue up against dark there will not be a vote at the annual general meeting in order to put this new "Arminia blue" into the club statutes.

Update: The slogan "Football lives through its fans" ("Fußball lebt durch seine Fans") won the vote of the fans with 51%. Bielefeld will play on the 30th matchday against FC Schalke with the special jersey.

Bundesliga club Bielefeld presented a new special-edition shirt earlier today, to be worn in the match against Schalke in late April.

Macron Bielefeld 2020-21 Special Jersey

This is the Bielefeld 2020-21 special shirt, made by Macron.

Inspired by the club's first Bundesliga shirt in 1970, the Macron Bielefeld 2020-21 special football shirt introduces a classic look in blue and white, combined diagonally.

Three sponsor options of the Macron Bielefeld 20-21 special football shirt were available via a vote on the club website.

Option two ('Fußball lebt durch fans' - 'Football lives through fans') won ahead of option 3 ('Ostwestfalen' - that's the club's home region). Option 1 (club motto 'Stur, hartnäckig, kämpferisch' - 'Stubborn, persistent, combative') was far off.

White shorts and socks complete the new Macron Bielefeld 20-21 special ​uniform.

After it was decided to not pursue changing the club color, this special-edition kit will likely remain the only one to feature this new, brighter shade of blue. Interestingly, the box that contains the new kit boasts a darker, more saturated blue that we could well see being the one that was worked out together with the Fan Council.

The new Bielefeld 2020-2021 special shirt is available to buy online, retaling at €79.95.

Made by Macron. What do you make of Bielefeld's special shirt? Let's hear your thoughts in the comments below the article, and see the 21-22 Kit Overview for more Macron football kit leaks