Inter Changes Blue Color - To Be Used On 22-23 Kits?

Update: The first Nike Internazionale Milano products for the 2022-23 season got leaked. They feature the club's new blue color - a first hint at how the team's 22-23 kits could feel like. They still come with a placeholder for the logo.

On Tuesday, Inter Milan unveiled its new visual identity, "which extols the club's founding values and reinforces its bond with the city of Milan". The new visual identity does not only brings us a new logo but also a new blue color, as explained in a great article of Internazionale experts bausciacafe.

The launch of the new logo has been celebrated with a narrative that plays on the initials of the club’s name – I M, from Internazionale Milano.

The Inter 21-22 home kit< does not feature the new blue of Inter Milano

New Internazionale Milano 2021 Blue Logo Color

The new Internazionale 2021 blue color is a very saturated, solely blue shade of color. Compared to the previous shade of blue, it is much less turquoise - more like a perfect blue.

This also become obvious when comparing the RGB colors - the new Inter 2021 logo is almost just blue with a little green and a dot of red (RGB - Red: 1, Green: 14 , Blue: 128).

The blue color reminded bausciacafe of artist "Yves Klein , who: created "the most perfect expression of blue", a saturated and luminous ultramarine, devoid of any alteration, then from he patented with the name of International Klein Blue (IKB, = PB29, = CI 77007), which however was never produced."

Inter has been using many different shades of blue for their home kits in the past yearsInternational Klein Blue

Inter Milan's kits from 1990 until 2020 via @classicshirts

Interestingly, Inter has been using many different shades of blue for their home kits in the past years. The Inter 21-22 home kit does not feature the new blue of Inter Milano, even though it will have the new club crest.

We think that it is likely that the Internazionale Milano jerseys will have less / no variation with the blue color in the future, and that the 22-23 kits will have the new blue.

This yellow color was also used for the reveal of the logo

Inter 21-22 Concept Kits With New Logo & Shade Of Blue

Graphic designer Rupertgraphic, one of the guys behind bausciacafe, created a Internazionale concept football kit featuring the new shade of blue and the new Inter logo.

Inter Nike 22-23 Products With New Blue Color

Stay tuned for more info.

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