Jordan PSG 2022 Fourth Kit To Be First-Ever Nike 'Space Hippie' Football Kit?

Some weeks ago, we have suggested that the Jordan PSG 21-22 fourth kit could be inspired by the moon. Now we have been made aware that we were likely wrong - instead, the PSG 2022 training / fourth kit could be part of the brand's first 'Space Hippie' football collection.

Space Hippie is a line of sneakers by Nike engineered from recycled materials, released by the company in 2020. Nike's Space Hippie sneakers and their packaging are made factory scraps.

PSG's 2022 training shirt from Jordan features a similar speckled design as Nike's Space Hippie soles

As of Nike, Space Hippie is "an exploratory footwear collection inspired by life on Mars, where materials are scarce and there is no resupply mission".

PSG 2022 Fourth Kit To Have 'Space Hippie' Design?

The PSG 2022 training shirt from Jordan features a similar speckled design as Nike's chunky, recycled, speckled foam Space Hippie soles.

Paris SG 2022 Training Shirt

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It is the color scheme and speckled design that makes people believe Jordan's PSG 2022 collection is part of the Space Hippie project.

The training shirt could preview the design of the PSG 21-22 fourth kitOther elements of the training shirt are the same as the first Nike PSG 21-22 training kit, which is introduced on Summer 2021.

It remains to be seen how the PSG 2022 fourth kit will look like, but we could well imagine it to feature some elements of leaked training shirt.

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