LEAKED: Nike To Release Orange FC Barcelona Collection In Honor of 1992?

Update: We can leak official pictures of many pieces of the Barcelona 2022 collection, including the 2022 training jersey. It is the first Nike product to be based on the new Nike 22-23 / 2022 World Cup template (the leaked picture shows the replica training).

We can not confirm that Nike will release an orange FC Barcelona fourth kitWe have still no confirmation that Barcelona will release an orange FC Barcelona fourth kit in early 2022 or if the Swoosh will only release a training/lifestyle collection but no kit.

Nike could release an orange Barcelona 'fourth' shirt to celebrate the 30-years anniversary of the team's 1992 European Cup final triumph against Sampdoria in 1992.

The information about FC Barcelona's new 2022 fourth kit was leaked by Spanish YouTube football channel Gol De Sergio. It is not 100% certain that Nike will actually release a Barcelona 4th jersey inspired by the 1992 jersey.

In fact, while the channel is usually very reliable, they did not share an ultimate proof that Nike will really release the shirt. The assumption of the shirt to exist was made because of the first leaked 2022 training product and the fact that it are 30 years since the 1992 European Cup final (at least we think so after watching the video).

Nike FC Barcelona 2022 Fourth Kit

Inspired by the orange shirt worn in the 1992 European Cup Final, the Nike Barcelona 2022 fourth jersey will be mainly orange with Blaugrana and black applications and logos.

Nothing concrete about the design and colors is known yet, but there is a leaked 2022 training shirt with orange as main color and Blaugrana applications.

FC Barcelona 2022 Training Shirt

FC Barcelona 2022 Training Jacket

FC Barcelona 2022 Lifestyle

The leaked FC Barcelona 2022 training shirt is orange with Nike's 'new' logo style and a Blaugrana half-and-half collar.

FC Barcelona's new 2022 fourth uniform will be released in early 2022 likely.

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