St Pauli To Wear Special 'No Room For Racism' Logo On Kit

German club FC St. Pauli will wear a special logo on their kits to make a statement against discrimination in today's match against Paderborn, at the start of the International Week Against Racism.

FC St Pauli To Wear Special "No Room For Racism "Logo On Kits

In partnership with its sponsor congstar, St Pauli will replace the standard sponsor logo with a special "No room for racism" logo. The congstar logo is printed above it very tiny.

In addition to the shirt, FC St. Pauli and congstar want to give a voice to those affected by racism.

How does this work? The club's open up their media channels during the upcoming home games. Foundations, activists and journalists will have the chance to communicate via St Pauli's channels such as on advertising boards.

"We want to support committed people and institutions in the fight against racism and give those who have had to suffer racism the opportunity to report on their experiences."

Do you like that logo? What do you think of the congstar logo being placed very tiny on the shirt as well? Share your thoughts in the comments below.