4 Things That Are Good About Puma's New Innovative 21-22 Kits

On Saturday, we heavily criticized Puma for its new 2021-22 international away kits. However, even though most people agreed with us, we have to say some things are good about Puma's new kits.

Positive Things About Puma's 21-22 Kit Style

Fresh Ideas For Football Kits

In the past 20 years or so, since the 1990s and its exceptional designs, there has been not a lot of remarkably new football kit innovations. Puma's new kit designs break with convention, and with that, the brand showcases that there is still room left for innovations.

Puma's new kit designs break with conventionEspecially for people of the industry, it is interesting to see a new approach to football kits and the logo positioning in particular. We especially like the idea of teams having their name on the front of the kit - an Italy shirt with a big Italia text on the front could look exceptionally great.

Gets People Talking

If Puma measures the success of the new 2021-22 away kit in terms of publicity, the brand has reached its aim. While the new national team away kits for Italy and three smaller nations would usually only get the attention of kit aficionados, Puma's kits were among the most talked about topics on football social media after their release.

Puma's kits were are a hot topic on football social media after their release

Perfect For Sport

Puma's 21-22 away kits come without any unneeded elements such as big collars or big sleeve cuffs. With their Raglan sleeve construction and lightweight heat-printed logos, they are perfectly suited for sport - they seem to be extremely lightweight.

Old kits available for very good prices

Anything thing that is great for people is that the old Puma 2020-21 away kits are available for extremely good prices. For example, you can get stylish Austria and Switzerland 2020-21 away kits for just 16 euros.

7 Things That Are Bad About Puma's New Innovative 21-22 Kits

Are you a fan of Puma's new 21-22 international away kits? Let us know in the comments below.