Things That Are Bad About Puma's New Innovative 21-22 Kits

Update: The on-pitch debuts of Puma's innovative 2021-22 away kits perfectly shows off what is bad about the kits.

4 Things That Are Good About Puma's New Innovative 21-22 Kits

Austria's and Italy's shorts are not fitting, and Uruguay's new away jersey lacks the stars for the 2 World Cups (and two Olympics title considered as World Cups).

Puma this week released new away kits for four of their national teams - Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, and Switzerland. The new Puma kit style split fans' opinion - some things are obviously bad about the new Puma 2021-2022 away kits, and others that are at least questionable...

Some things are not obviously badAll Puma Euro 2020 Away Kits Released - Bespoke Designs For Every Nation

OPINION: Puma's 2021-2022 Away Kits Are Bad

Extremely Small Federations Logos

"Wear your badge with pride" - with the new Puma 21-22 away kits, this is not the case.

The national team crests are very, very small on the kits, which is somehow a disgrace for the great crests. For example, the great Czech Republic crest is so small that it is hardly visible.

The Czech Republic lettering is there in English

Replica with different collar

What is only visible on closer inspection is that new Puma jerseys have an "MLSesque" detail. The player version comes with a round neck, while the fan version has a V-neck.

Of course, there are also the other differences between authentic and replica versions, but a different collar between the two versions is something previously only known from the MLS.

Shirts Combined With Old Shorts & Socks

Puma did not release new shorts and socks for the new 2021-2022 national team away kits - this means that Austria's kit is combined with unfitting turquoise-blue shorts, for example.

Great Kits Not Used At Euro 2020

What is also bad about Puma's new 21-22 away kits is that we won't see the brand's stunning 20-21 away kits in the EURO.

When directly compared side by side, it becomes obvious that the 21-22 away kits are no upgrade in terms of design, except for the Czech Republic certainly.

Kits Have Only Subtle Bespoke Details

The new Puma 21-22 away kits do not feature very bespoke designs, in contrast to their 20-21 away jerseys. The Czech Republic and Switzerland kits look almost identical from distance.

What makes the kits bespoke is just a very subtle Jacquard print.

Czech Republic Lettering in English

What is also strange is that the Czech Republic lettering is there in English, while others have the name in the local language (spotted by @rolarawei) It should be "Česká Republika" if Puma would follow the style of the others.

  • Italia - in Italian
  • Suisse - in French (official language)
  • Österreich - in german (official language)
  • Czech Republic - in English???

Look Like Training Tops

Another criticism is that the new Puma 21-22 away kits look like training tops. We can not deny it, but that's something that is not obviously bad - some will like it, others not.

Loss of value of Old Kits

What is bad for people is that the fact the 20-21 away kits won't be worn at the Euro means that have lost in value. The now old Puma Austria and Switzerland 2020-21 away kits are available for just 17 Euros at some stores currently.

Uruguay Away Kit Lacks Stars

Puma 2021-2022 Away Kits - Cons

  • Tiny national team badges
  • No new shorts and socks
  • Original 'Euro 2020' away kits not used at Euro
  • Inconsistent naming on kits
  • 2020-21 away kits suffer a loss of value
  • Look like training tops
  • Old away jerseys suffer a loss of value

Puma Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Czech Republic 2021-22 Away Kits Released

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