Crotone 20-21 Fourth Kit Released

Crotone's new 2020-21 fourth shirt was released today. It is made by Zeus and will be worn in next season's Serie A campaign.

The new FC Crotone 2020-2021 fourth kit was worn in today's Serie A away match at Parma, which Crotone won 3-4.

FC Crotone 20-21 Home, Away & Third Serie A Kits Revealed

Crotone 2020-21 Fourth Shirt

This is the new Zeus Crotone fourth shirt for 20-21.

The Zeus Crotone 20-21 Blu football shirt is predominantly blue with a red center stripe, applied in a similar rugged style as on PSG's 18-19 home shirt.

The new FC Crotone 2020-2021 fourth strip retails at €75.00.

Made by Zeus. Are you a fan of Crotone's fourth shirt? Let's hear your thoughts in the comments below the article, and have a look at the 21-22 Kit Overview.