'Fake-Store' Platform AliExpress Signs First Football Deals

Whenever we report about fake football shirts and other stuff, we always remind you that buying fakes is not a good deal for you because of many reasons. Now the first football teams have signed deals with a platform known for fakes.

Most of the fake football shirts that are being offered in other fake shops originate via two big Chinese platforms - AliExpress and DHgate.com.

AliExpress Becomes Olympique Lyonnais & FC Sevilla Sponsor Until The End of 20-21 Season

Olympique Lyonnais and FC Sevilla announced that they have signed shirt sponsorship deals with AliExpress - AliExpress' logo will feature on the left sleeve of Lyon’s kit and on the back on the FC Sevilla kit.

Both of the AliExpress deals are short-term agreements

Both of the AliExpress deals are short-term agreements only - they both run until the end of the current 2020-2021 season. The teams likely signed them to compensate for losses made due to COVID-19 - we believe they usually would not sign deals with AliExpress as their image is not the best...

“We want to be more present in the daily life of our users and offer them even more services and localised content,” noted William Wang, General Manager of AliExpress France, on the Lyon agreement. “OL will support us in this speech, with all the passion that we know in football and their team.”

AliExpress reflects the growth and internationalization of the club

The president of Sevilla, Jose Castro, highlights that "AliExpress reflects the growth and internationalization" sought by the club. "Our determination to be a global club is unequivocal and, in this sense, AliExpress is a good mirror in which to look at ourselves."

Alibaba (aliExpress) is also a sponsor of the Olympics.

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