Leaked: Nike 21-22 Kits Feature New Tag

Many of the 2021-22 football kits leaked in recent weeks. With it, we not only get a look at the shirt designs of the 2021-22 season but also at some other new things. One of them is an updated label attached to Nike's football kits.

Nike Label Made Of Recycled Cardboard As Part of Move to Zero Campaign

In contrast to the previous Nike tag, which was black and rather glossy, the new Nike 21-22 kit tag is not only made of recycled cardboard but also looks like it. It has not been dyed by Nike.

The reason for Nike to change the tag is to show their commitment toward zero carbon and zero waste, as part of their Move to Zero campaign. The logo is made up of Swooshes resembling the look of the recycled symbol.

Move to Zero is Nike's journey toward zero carbon and zero waste to help protect the future of sport. Follow each step in our journey and discover new ways we can move to zero together. We've been making big moves in how we source, process and manufacture our materials, because it's what we're made of that counts.

Fakes often still feature the look of the old tag.

Old tag

The Nike Move to Zero logo can be also found inside the collar now, just below the Dri-Fit logo. The Dri-Fit logo and other elements of the lettering inside the collar have been also updated, as you might have noticed.

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