Neymar Boots Transformed Into Fortnite Advertising Object, Also For Champions League

Update: Neymar will wear a new unique Fortnite-themed Puma Future football boot in the Champions League match against Manchester City on Wednesday night. They boast two Fortnite charterers on the back area of the Puma Future Spectra pack cleats.

Puma Future Z Neymar Fortnite Cleats #2

The custom Neymar Puma Future Z Fortnite cleats were created by boot customizer

Neymar Wears Puma Future Boots With Fortnite Graphics In Ligue 1

Brazilian superstar Neymar is wearing a special pair of football boots in today's Ligue 1 match against FC Metz. Thanks to Footpack for the spotting.

Neymar and Fortnite signed a deal in March 2021

Puma Future Z Neymar 'Fortnite' Boots

Instead of his standard Puma Future Z Spectra pack boots, Neymar is using a boot with some customization. They come with a black design, Neymar's logo, and a Neymar JR text on the upper.

All these added elements are there to advertise for Fortnite and a new Neymar Jr Fortnite mode. Neymar and Fortnite signed a deal in March 2021.

In fact, the shoe box says that "new cleats are unlocked on 27th April".

We expect the cleats to become available in Fortnite together with some extra features such as a Neymar skin and a special Neymar game mode.

What do you think of Neymar having advertising on his boots? Should this be forbidden by Equipment Regulations? Comment below.