Argentina Concept Kit Got Produced by Fakers - Most Popular Concept Kit Ever

Update: The first fake football shirt store has added the unbelievably popular Adidas Argentina concept jersey. To be honest it does look like they were able to replicate the look of the concept shirt pretty well, but the biggest problem with this fake kit will most likely be the wearing comfort, especially if you want to exercise in it.

Football graphic designer SOCCEPT (@soccept) has created what might be the most popular football concept kit ever - an Adidas shirt for Argentina.

Argentina Concept Kit By SOCCEPT

The Adidas Argentina concept kit by SOCCEPT boasts the country's trademark sky blue and white stripes, combined with golden for logos, the Three Stripes and applications.

Two elements of the concept would be very hard to produce

What makes the shirt so great is the level of details and features - it not only comes with a unique crest (designed by @danknorris) but also with various other design elements.

Inspired by the Sol de Mayo, all the golden elements come with a sole-inspired 3D texture on them.

The shirt itself features a subtle embossed text of the Argentinian national anthem. On the lower left is a special badge to pay tribute to the late Maradona.

People compared the shirt with Adidas' Argentina 2021 jersey

Two elements featured on the kit would be very hard / not useful to replicate for an actual kit - the golden elements on the collar and the embossed text. Other things could be replicated using the latest technique such as 3D crests.

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