Back To Plain Shirt? AS Roma's Talks For Next Year Shirt Sponsor Stalling

The Serie A club's agreement with Qatar Airways is due to expire by the end of June.

Reports have surfaced that AS Roma is trying to extend their deal with the Qatari aviation company. However, sources from Friedkin Group, the American consortium that owns AS Roma, claim that a new deal “isn’t anywhere close”.

Qatar Airways signed with AS Roma when the club was still under the ownership of James Pallotta, another American, who bought the club back in 2011. Friedkin Group purchased the club from Pallotta in 2020 and has since trying to increase Roma's revenue from commercial and sponsorship.

With the contract between Qatar Airways and AS Roma ending soon, time is running out for the Italian capital club. Should the deal fell through, Roma would need to find a new sponsor quickly or they might have to play without one next season.

Although if that scenario happens, I Giallorossi won't be too unaccustomed, as before signing with Qatar Airways, they spent four seasons playing with plain shirts, from 2014-15 to 2017-18.

With that said, the sources from Friedkin still insist that “all options are being evaluated as we look to find a sponsorship agreement that suits all parties involved.”

Do you think AS Roma will still have Qatar Airways on their shirt next year? Let us know in the comment.