Better? 'Fixed' Nike Inter 21-22 Home Kits

Update: Twitter user @TweetsEashan has created an edit of the Inter 21-22 home kit. He not only changed the colors but also added the logo of Samsung and the Scudetto.

The new Nike Internazionale Milano 2021-22 home kit introduces an all-new snakeskin design. The kit split fans' opinion as soon as it got leaked - what if Nike would have opted for Inter's traditional black and blue colors?

Nike Inter Milan 21-22 Home Kit With Black Snake Stripes

Keeping the unique design, kit designer Franco Carabajal (@FrancooC07) just added a bit of black to the kit - instead of blue and different shades of darker blue, his kit features blue and black.

What is important to say is that the colors of the Inter 21-22 home kit were a bit wrong on the first leaked picture - the kit not only features golden logos but the blue colors were also a bit off on the first leak.

Black/gold shorts will round off the look

The Nike Inter 21-22 home kit may "look better with every picture", and especially when worn on pitch. It is combined with black/gold shorts and black socks.

Do you prefer the 'fixed' version of the Nike Inter Milan 21-22 home kit? Do you also think that the kit looks better on the latest leaked images? Let us know in the comments below.