Better Than Adidas & Nike? Ranking The Puma 21-22 Home Kits

If you are a close follower of football boots and kits, you surely have noticed that Puma has improved a lot in terms of product quality (especially for football boots) and design (for most things). Do Puma's 21-22 home kits continue this trend?

Puma has four top teams but more get unique jerseysPuma has four top teams in the 2021-22 season it appears like - BVB, Man City, Milan, and Marseille. Other European premium teams are Gladbach, Valencia and PSV Eindhoven.

Adidas, Nike & Puma Pyramids Of Football Kit Sponsorships

21-22 Puma Top Team Jerseys

After last season's Puma jerseys all had patterns, the 21-22 Puma kits bring us more variability. For example, BVB's kit comes with a striped sleeve design, while Gladbach's jersey has some one-of-a-kind logo element.

Puma's 21-22 national team away kits without logos are extremely unpopular

What is great about Gladbach's jerseys are the shorts, and, in general, the on-pitch appearance of Puma's 21-22 jerseys.

Template-wise, Puma a bit got inspired by the early 2000s and Nike's 2002 World Cup template in particular.

Puma's 21-22 club kits get very good ratings on Football Kit Archive, while the Puma 21-22 national team away kits without logos are extremely unpopular.

You can check out and rate Puma's 21-22 football kits on Football Kit Archive.

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