Heung Min Son Wore Modified Adidas X Ghosted+ For Most Of The 2020-2021 Season

Football athletes receiving custom-made boots is pretty common. Some go for a different soleplates, others like Neymar, for example, go for a different upper. In the case of Tottenham winger Heung Min Son, he does not like having paper thin material around his heels.

Heung Min Son 's Customs Adidas X Ghosted+

For the most part, Son's boots are not too different from the retail version. They have the same upper, the same soleplate.

However, the lining of the boots are reinforced with a suede material instead of the thin synthetic one. It seems like Son did not really feel comfortable with how thin the heel area was.

He also switched back to his old X19.1 every once in a while. Most likely due to having to wait for Adidas to deliver his customs X Ghosted+ in a new colourway.

It should be noted that Son's X19+ boots still have the regular lining, unlike his X Ghosted+ so this is a fairly recent issue for him.

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