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New UEFA 2021 Logos Leaked

2021 sees the start of the all-new "third-tier" UEFA Conference League. However, UEFA will not only start a new football club competition in 2021 but Europe's football governing body will also update visuals of their club football tournaments.

From the 2021-22 season, there are three main UEFA club competitions: Champions League ('first-tier'), Europa League ('second-tier') & Conference League ('third-tier').

2021 UEFA Champions League, Europa League & UEFA Conference League

For 2021, UEFA slightly updates the logo of the Champions League, while the UEFA Europa League logo is updated more heavily. Indeed, the UEFA Europa League logo shares the look with the new Conference League, just with different colors as well as a different name and trophy.

UEFA will also reveal the new general brandings of their competitions in summer 2021, ahead of the start of the 2021-22 UEFA competitions in September 2021. Those have been not leaked yet.

The CL logo is only updated slightly

Old vs new Europa League logos

In addition to the updated logos and visual identities, 2021 will also see the introduction of new sleeve badges, and possibly sleeve sponsors.

Do you like that UEFA updates the Champions League logo slightly only? Do you like the logos of the UEFA competitions? Comment below.