River Plate Sell Old Pieces Of Stadium To Fans

River Plate recently renovated their home ground El Monumental, removing the running track to move the fans closer to the field. As part of a tribute to a once part of the club's old glory, River Plate has decided to pieces of the track and the land of the football field as a memento.

'Pista De Gloria' and 'Tierra De Gloria'

Here are the two mementos from the removed track.

'Pista De Gloria' (Track of Glory) is a piece of the track that has been cut into a small rectangle.

Fans of the club who have RiverID, River Plate's membership program, will receive a piece of the track (called 'Glory Fragment') for free. Others will be able to purchase online through the club's website.

Meanwhile, 'Tierra De Gloria' (Land of Glory) is a small amount of land of the field that once graced by the feet of generations of footballers.

Rodolfo D'Enophrio, River Plate's President, said: "After so many championships, cups, Olympic laps and indelible memories, we believe that everything sacred deserves a special place, and what better place than the house of fans.

"The idea is to give a piece of history to those who always were. A little bit of that glory and greatness that we get among all."

What's your verdict on River Plate selling pieces of their stadium? Let's hear it in the comment.