Spectacular Milltag West Ham Cycling Collection Released

Cycling clothing maker Milltag teams up with West Ham to release a new capsule.

West Ham Milltag Cycling Collection Jersey

This is the new Milltag West Ham cycling collection shirt.

Milltag bases its' new collection on the away kits that West Ham used back in the 60s and 70s. Sky blue is the predominant colour with claret applied on the details like the collar and cuffs. Two horizontal stripes run around the body of the shirt.

The logos of West Ham and Milltag are placed on either side of the chest.

The West Ham hammers are subtly printed all over the jersey in a darker shade of sky blue. Milltag makes the shirt available for both genders.

Aside from the cycling shirts, there are also a cap and a snood which follow the similar design found on the jerseys. Although, the cap goes a bit further, having the name of the club appearing under the visor in white with a claret background.

The Milltag West Ham collection is available as a pre-order now until 30th May with delivery expected at the end of July.

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