Tsubasa Replaced: Adidas Conext 21 Tokyo 2020 Olympics Ball Released

Update: The special Adidas Conext 21 'Japan' edition will be used as the official match ball in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. This comes by quite a surprise as Adidas originally released a "Tsubasa" ball for the games.

Adidas Captain Tsubasa 2020 Tokyo Olympics Ball Revealed

Original vs New 2020 Tokyo Olympics Football

Adidas has released a special paint job of the Conext 21, Adidas' official FIFA match ball for major tournaments.

Adidas Conext 21 Special Edition Pro Ball

The new edition of the Adidas Conext 21 is inspired by Japan and the Japanese flag in particular. It combines a white base with red as well as black and golden.

Adidas Conext 21 Pro Footballs - Regular & Spain Versions

Based on the regular Adidas Conext 21 football, the RFEF version of the ball replaces the multicolor elements with Spain's famous red and yellow colors.

Adidas Conext 21 'Spain' Ball Revealed

In terms of tech, the 'Japan' edition of the Adidas Conext 21 is the same as the regular colorway of the Adidas Conext 21. The Adidas Conext 21 ball is the same as the 2018 World Cup football from a tech point.

The special Adidas Conext 21 'Japan' OMB is available in Japan only.

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