Alaba Takes Over Sergio Ramos' Number 4 at Real Madrid - 27 Not Allowed

Update David Alaba's Real Madrid shirt number was finally revealed during today's presentation. Having previously donned the 27 at Bayern (which wouldn't have been possible at Madrid anyway), Alaba will from now on wear the 4, Sergio Ramos' old number.

David Alaba joined Spanish giants Real Madrid. However, the Austrian will not be able to wear one of his usual shirt numbers, as highlighted by Tribuna.

David Alaba Can't Wear No. 8 & No. 27 Kits For Real Madrid in 2021-22

David Alaba's favorite shirt number is 27, the number he wore at Bayern Munich. He was given this number when he was a youth player and kept it in the first team. He won't be able to wear it for Real Madrid as La Liga registration rules state that first-team players have to take up numbers from 1 to 25.

No. 8 is occupied by Toni Kroos, No. 27 Not Allowed For Him In La LigaIn the Austrian national team, Alaba plays with '8' on his back. However, No. 8 is occupied by Toni Kroos at Madrid.

As numbers are currently available: 16, 18, 21. A few shirt numbers could become available if one of the following players would leave the club: 4 (Ramos), 5 (Varane), 7 (Hazard), 12 (Marcelo), 17 (Lucas), 19 (Odriozola), 22 (Isco), 24 (Mariano).

No. 18 seems most likelyWe think it is most likely for Alaba to get the No. 18 shirt for Madrid.

Which number will Alaba get at Real Madrid? Comment your guess below.