Amiens SC New 120 Years Anniversary Logo Revealed - Only For 21-22 Season

Ligue 2 club Amiens SC celebrate their 120th Anniversary with a new logo, to be used only during the 2021-22.

Amiens SC New 120 Years Logo

Here's the new Amiens logo for the 2021-22 season.

The new logo is a combination of three. The overall shape is that of the 1980s version.

On top of the 120 Years crest is '120 Ans' (120 years) which sits between two small bands. These details are found on Amiens' 1990s crest.

The main graphic of two horses prancing over the name and initials of the club as well as two branches are all taken from the current logo.

The entirety of the new 120 Years logo is in red, which has been part of the club's history since the beginning and was also used on their early uniforms in the 1910s.

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