Euro 2020 Boots Brand Battle - Nike Lost Dozens Of Players, Puma Doubles Share

The UEFA Euro 2020 finally begins this week. Ahead of the tournament, we take a look at the boots of the 622 players, in partnership with Football Boots DB.

UEFA Euro 2020 Boots Battle

Just as in previous tournaments, only three brands have signed a remarkable number of players - Adidas, Nike, and Puma.

Nike has lost many big players

Nike makes the boots for more than half of the players of the UEFA Euro 2020 (52.4%). Adidas comes second with around a third (34.4%), while Puma has an eighth (12.4%).

New Balance, Mizuno, Under Armour, and Asics make the boots for less than 2% of all players. New Balance supplies Sterling, while Memphis Depay could lace up in whiteout Under Armour boots (without a boot contract).

Puma more than doubled its share

What is eye-catching is that Nike's dominance was much bigger in the last big tournament and that Puma has caught up. In the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Nike made the boots for 63% (10% more), while Puma more than doubled its share (From 5.6% to 12.4%)

The most popular silo is by far the Mercurial from Nike, with 166 players. The most popular Adidas boot silo chosen by players is the Nemeziz, which will be, however, discontinued after the Euro. The Players' favorite boot could never get a large fan base among amateurs.

Puma's players are more or less split up between the Future and Ultra, the brand's two silos.

When looking at single teams and the tournament's favorites, one thing stands out. Puma has 8 France players under contract but not a single from Spain. The other big teams are similarly split between the three brands as the overall distribution of the tournament.

Will one brand have an unexpected big success in the UEFA Euro 2016?

Of course, the most important thing in a big tournament is the success of teams and players.

For example, Iceland and Errea had extreme success in the UEFA Euro 2016, and if Sterling would be the outstanding player, New Balance could heavily profit.

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