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Kimmich To Switch To Nike Mercurial Boots For Euro?

Bayern München's Joshua Kimmich was seen training with the Germany national team wearing the Mercurial Vapor XIVs in the 'Impulse Pack' colourway.

Kimmich Switches To Nike Mercurial Vapors XIV 'Impulse Pack'

The German midfielder has been wearing the Phantom GT Elite for the whole 20-21 season.

In the previous training session, Kimmich played with the 'Impulse Pack' Phantom GT. So it is unclear why he decided to go for the Vapors the next day.

In the recent match against Denmark, however, Kimmich played with the Phantom GT. It is interesting to note that instead of wearing the newly released 'Impulse Pack' ones, he chose the older White/Pink Blast/Black.

Everything indicates that Kimmich is not 100% happy with the Phantom GT. We believe it is possible that he will wear the Nike Meuricial boots at the EURO 2020.

What do you think? Is Joshua Kimmich switching boot silo or is he just having some problems breaking in his new Phantom GT Impulse Pack boots? Share your thoughts below.