Nike Creates Player-Exclusive Kits For Euro 2020

Yesterday, we reported that many Adidas teams are wearing replica-like kits in UEFA Euro 2020. This is in contrast to Nike and Puma, whose teams are all not wearing the standard Fan version. However, two Nike teams did not receive fully authentic Vaporknit kits.

Finland and Slovakia Wear Custom Kits With Heat-Applied Logos

Nike released Vaporknit jerseys for all teams qualified for the Euro 2020 except Finland and Slovakia. This, however, does not mean both countries have to wear the same kits as the supporters.

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Nike's Vaporknit jerseys are available for all teams except Finland and SlovakiaA closer look at Finland's and Slovakia's 2020 Nike kits reveals that both have heat-applied logos instead of stitched ones. This is not only to reduce weight but also to prevent the shirts to rub unpleasantly on the nipple.

Poland is wearing Vaporknit jersey, which are also available to buy

The material used for the Finland and Slovakia kits appears to be also different. It reminds us of old Nike authentic kits from the time before Aeroswift (before 2016).

All Puma teams are wearing authentic kitsAll Puma teams are wearing authentic kits. The three teams not supplied by Adidas, Nike, or Puma (Ukraine, Denmark, and North Macedonia) all have kits with heat-applied logos - only Adidas nations are wearing kits with stitched logos.

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Adidas and Nike also produced custom player-only long-sleeve versions of their Vaporknit Euro 2020 kits. Puma did not so.

Top Stars Wear Long-Sleeve Kits In Euro 2020 - Not Available

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