Nike Wins Euro 2020 Group Stage Boots Battle, All Puma Teams Still In Tournament

The group stage of the Euro 2020 group stage is over. All the big teams qualified for the Round of 16 - but how were brands performing in the UEFA Euro 2020 so far?

Euro 2020 Boots Brand Battle - Nike Lost Dozens Of Players, Puma Doubles Share

We take a look at the top-scoring football boot brands and the kit maker battle, in cooperation with Football Boots DB and Football Kit Archive.

Euro 2020 - Boots Battle

Of the 86 goals scored (not counting the 8! own goals), Nike players scored 48 (56%), Adidas comes second with 29 (34%), while Puma comes third with 5 (6%).

The biggest surprise might be that New Balance and Under Armour both have two goals (Depay for UA & Sterling for NB), despite only three players wearing New Balance and only one wearing Under Armour.

The Mercurial has been the most successful silo with 30 goals

The Mercurial (30 goals) has been the most successful silo ahead of the Adidas X (15) and Nike Phantom GT (14).

Overall, the top-performing brands in the Euro 2020 boots battle more or less match the general distribution of the boots brands. Puma is the only brand that under-performed in terms of boots so far.

Euro 2020 - Kit Makers Battle

In terms of football kits, it is remarkable that all Puma teams are still in the tournament - Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, and Switzerland.

Four Nike teams and three Adidas were eliminatedFour Nike teams and three Adidas were eliminated, while Joma (North Macedonia) is completely out. Hummel (Denmark) and Joma (Ukraine) are the two small brands left.

Euro 2020 - Round of 16 Kit Makers

  • 5 Teams: Adidas, Nike
  • 4 Teams: Puma
  • 1 Team: Joma, Hummel

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