Pogba Wears Predator Freak.1 Low - No More Collar

Paul Pogba seems to have made it clear to Adidas that he is not a fan of both their high collar and laceless design for the Predator Freak.


The French international appeared to wear the low-collar version of the new Predator Freak in both training and then in the match against Wales.

Pogba stopped wearing the Freak+ back in early April, after his laceless Predator flew off his feet during a match. Since then he had only worn the Freak.1 with high collar.

This is obviously not a good sign for Adidas as Pogba is their face for the flagship model of the Predator range. Having him ditching the laceless Freak+ for the Freak.1, then now down to the low cut version is quite detrimental to the marketing aspect of the boots.

Do you think Pogba switching to the laceless Predator Freak.1 will cause any significant effect on the sales of the Freak+? Tell us what you think below.