Puma Interested In Replacing Nike At Barcelona

Puma have shown interest in becoming Barça's kit sponsor, according to a report from journalist Albert Nadal of Catalan newspaper Diari ARA.

Barca's 2026 Nike Deal To Be Ended Early?

Nike has been sponsoring FC Barcelona since 1998 when the Swoosh replaced Kappa.

Barça have a contract with Nike until 2026. The Barça Nike ten-year deal was signed in 2016, worth a fixed sum of 105 million euros each year, which can grow up to 155 million euros per year with bonuses.

There was no official contact between Barca and Puma yetAccording to Ara, both parties want to sit down and review their agreement.

Puma would be interested in becoming the official sponsor of Barcelona but there have not been any official contacts yet.

Nike want to renegotiate the annual amount it pays to the clubBarça want more autonomy in some areas, like self-management of e-commerce, while Nike want to renegotiate the annual amount it pays to the club.

Ara also says that it is difficult to imagine, at least for the next two seasons, that FC Barcelona could break the link with the American giant.

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