Which Number Will Agüero Wear At Barcelona?

Sergio Aguero has been presented as a new Barcelona signing yesterday. The Argentinean has no jersey number yet, as visible on the announcement pictures. What number the 32-year-old is going to wear at Camp Nou?

Messi is reported to stay at FC Barcelona

Agüero To Become Barca's New No. 9?

As Messi is reported to stay at FC Barcelona for two more years, so the No. 10 shirt is no option. Sergio Agüero has been wearing the No. 10 shirt for Manchester City.

Agüero wore the No.16 at Man City for four seasonsIn the past, Sergio wore the No. 10 at Independiente, Atletico Madrid, and Manchester City. He also wore the No. 16 at Man City for four seasons. At the national team, he wore the 7, 9, 10, 11, 13, 16, 19, and 20.

As detailed by Tribuna, there are two possible scenarios for Aguero's new shirt number, which depend on Martin Braithwaite.

1. Braithwaite leaves, Aguero gets the No. 9

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There have been reports that Martin Braithwaite could leave Barca over the summer. If his departure happens, Aguero is likely to get the No.9. We could imagine him getting Braithwaite's number despite Braithwaite staying at the club as well.

2. Braithwaite stays, Aguero gets a vacant number

Currently, the only vacant number at Barca is the No. 6 jersey. It belonged to Carles Alena, so he's likely to get it back if he returns to Camp Nou. The No. 9 aside, the most likely jersey numbers could be 19, with Matheus Fernandes expected to be sold. Another possibility is for him to get No.16 if Alena is sold and Pedri switches to No.6.

Which shirt number Sergio Agüero will get? Comment your guess below.