Catania Announce Nike Kit Deal - Old Kit Maker Givova Says Their Contract Is Still Valid

Serie C club Catania have cut short their contract with Givova to join Nike instead.

Catania Make Swift Decision To Leave Givova For Nike

Through retailer Linea Oro Sport, Catania sign with Nike to make the latter become the kit supplier from the 21-22 season.

The announcement came last Friday, July 2nd, and seemed to have caught Givova by surprise.

Givova says the contract is still in place

"With enormous regret, GIVOVA learns from numerous media and through social channels that on July 2, 2021, following an agreement, the change of sponsors of Catania Calcio was announced."

"GIVOVA, officially the technical sponsor of the Rossazzurro team, would like to emphasize firmly that the technical sponsorship contract with the Company is absolutely not concluded, indeed it is still and still in place. As proof of this, there is the signing of a contract between GIVOVA and Calcio Catania, still valid, an order of material by the Company and a production of the requested material by the Company."

In our opinion, the published news is completely unfounded, untrusted and even more so to the image of GIVOVA. For these reasons, it is required to correct the news that, like all news given by the media, it should be based on principles of authenticity and careful analysis of facts and situations".

Givova's behaviour has caused tremendous damage

However, Catania retaliated with an official response from Chairman Nico Le Mura: "In light of repeated and serious defaults regarding the sponsorship contract, relating to the timing of supplies and other important clauses of the agreement previously concluded, Givova has long since not provided Catania with necessary guarantees of reliability. Calcio Catania had entered into a new contract with Givova on the basis of certain reassurances provided, which immediately turned out to be as false as the promises made by the Campanian company.

"Givova's behaviour has caused tremendous damage and irreparably disrupted the existing fiduciary relationship underlying any such contract. There is no "unfounded news": the choice to use another technical sponsor was made official with a press release. Givova is no longer our technical sponsor. We reserve the right to take legal action in any case of unauthorized use of the Calcio Catania brand".

There is no official news regarding the lack of "necessary guarantees of reliability" that Catania mentioned above. However, this now already the second controversy that involves Givova.

Previously, the Italian brand was on the receiving end of fiery criticism from Venezuela football team for supplying them with disguised shirt.

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