Fixed Juventus 21-22 Away Kit

The new Adidas Juventus 2021-22 away kit has an interesting look in black with luminous and white applications. But could have been looked better with differently colored logos?

Juventus 2021-22 Away Jersey Edit

Football kit enthusiast @Kitkingdom83 replaced the white logos of the new Juventus 21-22 away kit with luminous ones, matching the style of the Three Stripes.

The colorful parts are inspired by the luminous lights of Turin

In fact, the white used for the Juventus 21-22 away kit is actually a nod to Juventus' classic white/black colors (I Bianconeri (The Black and Whites). The colorful accents represent the luminous lights of club venues and festivals in the city of Turin.

What is definitely unfitting about the Adidas Juventus 21-22 away kit is the white/silver/blue Jeep 4xe logo, which does not suit the Three Stripes at all.

Juventus 21-22 Away Kit Released

Would you have liked Adidas to use colorful logos instead of white? Do you also hope the Jeep 4xe logo will be gone next season? Comment below.