Millwall 21-22 Away Kit Released

12 days after the home kit, Millwall's new 21-22 away jersey was released today. It is made by Macron and will be worn in next season's Championship campaign.

Millwall F.C. 2021-22 Away Shirt

This is the new Macron Millwall F.C. Away jersey for 2021-22.

The Macron Millwall 2021-22 away jersey is white with navy applications. It has a large Polo collar and a camouflage pattern.

The logo of the club's principal partner, Huski Chocolate, sits very high on the front.

Macron combines the Millwall 21-22 away jersey with navy shorts and white socks.

The Macron Millwall F.C. 2021-22 away jersey is available since July 27, retailing at 45 GBP.

Millwall 21-22 Home Kit Released

Made by Macron. Do you like or not like Millwall's away kit? Comment below.