Nike Tokyo 2020 Olympics 'Rawdacious' Pack Released

Update: Nike's 'Rawdacious' collection went on sale today.

Nike has officially revealed its footwear collection for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. It is called the Nike Rawdacious Pack.

The Nike Tokyo 2020 Olympics collection includes streamlined looks for all sports supplied by Nike, including running, basketball, and soccer.

Nike's Olympics pack brings us the next-gen Phantom GT & Tiempo

Nike Rawdacious Tokyo 2020 Olympics Soccer Cleats Collection

Pro-Direct Soccer

The Nike Rawdacious collection introduces streamlined colorways for the Mercurial, Phantom GT, and Tiempo. Both the Phantom GT and Tiempo offer the first official look at the next-generation cleats.

Nike’s Rawdacious colorway palette for Tokyo is a combination of white as a primary, with components of pink blast, total orange and bright crimson. According to the press release, it is another example of how Nike uses color to imbue deep cultural, psychological and emotional value in its footwear.

“Color has the nuanced ability to invite both reaction and reflection at once,” says Martha Moore, Nike VP, Central Color Product Design. “You see a color, and you immediately react in a certain way. Color can also open the door to history, connections to other disciplines and to memory. In creating this year’s palette, we worked to consider color holistically to best represent a moment in time.”

Nike Mercurial 2021 '2020 Tokyo Olympics' - White / Black / Bright Crimson / Pink Blast

The Nike Mercurial 'White / Black / Bright Crimson / Pink Blast' has the same design and colors as the other Nike 2020 Tokyo Olympics cleats.

Nike Mercurial 2020 Tokyo Olympics Boots Leaked

Nike Phantom GT 2 '2020 Toyko Olympics' - White / Black / Bright Crimson / Pink Blast

The new 'White / Black / Bright Crimson / Pink Blast' Nike Phantom GT 2 football shoes have a unique yet modern design inspired by the city of Tokyo.

Next-Gen Nike Phantom GT 2 2020 Tokyo Olympics Boots Leaked

Nike Tiempo Legend 9 '2020 Toyko Olympics' - White / Black / Bright Crimson / Pink Blast

The 'White / Black / Bright Crimson / Pink Blast' Nike Tiempo Legend 9 cleats introduce a modern and outstanding look for Nike's most classic main silo. They combine a white base with a unique black/volt graphic Swoosh.

The next-gen Phantom GT & Tiempo boots will be available from August 2021Next-Gen Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Boots Released - Special 2020 Tokyo Olympics Edition

The Nike Rawdacious football boots were launched on July 19th, 2021.

Nike's 2020 Olympics pack - basketball, football, running and special gold medal cerenoym shoes

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