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Adidas Condivo 22 Teamwear Template Leaked - 2022-23 Season

Update: We can leak the first high-res pictures of the Adidas Condivo 22 Match template.

We can give you an exclusive look at the all-new Adidas Condivo 22 template, which is set to be launched in early 2022 and will be used by clubs in Europe for the 2022-2023 season.

Adidas Condivo 22 Match Template

This picture shows the Adidas Condivo 22 teamwear shirt.

The Adidas Condivo 22 template introduces clean designs in a least eight different colorways (black / white, white / black, team yellow / black, team royal blue / white, team light grey / white, team power red / white, team navy blue / white, team real magenta / white). The standout features include a Condivo 21-esquie collar with insets at the front, triangular side panels under the armpits and a geometric pattern that covers the front and sleeves.

Although the template will be primarily be used by smaller teams, various elements such as the side paneling, collar construction or pattern could make its way onto teams in the top leagues.

Adidas Condivo 22 - Training Template

The Adidas Condivo 22 template will replace the current Condivo 21 model from next year.

Set to be available from February 2022, the Adidas Condivo 22 Match template will retail at €50. The jersey without a graphic design will be slightly cheaper.

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