After Leak - Adidas mi Condivo 22 Kit Released - To Be Used By Many Teams Next Season

Update: Yesterday, the mi Condivo 22 Uniform was first seen on the Adidas miteam website. The jersey itself retails at $75, a similar price to other products in this category.

However, not all the graphic options are available yet. A few weeks ago, we leaked all of them, but only some of them can be used.

Graphics such as the sash, chevron and some others do not show up, but have been leaked in Adidas teamwear catalogues.

The Adidas mi Condivo 22 jersey will be the third of its kind, following the mi Condivo 16 and 20 templates.

Update (Older): It is now known that there will be eight more graphic options than expected for the mi Condivo 22 jersey. These are added to the existing six options, which all have more classic designs.

The eight new graphic options show up in the Adidas miteam 2022 catalogue. They do not seem to have specific names, as they are referenced as "Graphic 1-8". All of them are very abstract looking and feature extremely unique designs; they could not be much more different from the six classic graphic options we discovered initially.

We expect these eight options to be used a lot less frequently than the others, as many teams are unlikely to want to make use of such extreme looks. These eight new options might look best when utilizing two similar colors, in order to provide an interesting shirt design without overwhelming people's eyes - just like in the example above.

Adidas mi Condivo 22 Kit Fully Leaked - How Next Season's Adidas B Teams Kits Will Look

Recently, the upcoming miteam product “mi Condivo 22” was partially leaked. It is expected that many teams will put this template to use in the 2022-23 season.

There is now further information regarding the specifics of the jersey and what graphic options will be available for it.

mi Condivo 22 Template

The mi Condivo 22 jersey offers a variety of unique sections and panels, a lot of which have not appeared on any previous Adidas miteam templates.

It features a customizable v-collar, 3 stripes on the shoulders, as well as a v-shaped panel that leads from the top down towards the middle of the back. In addition, the sleeve, shoulder, side panel and lower back colors can all be customized. This leaves miteam customers with more options than ever before.

mi Condivo 22 Graphic Options

While the “mi Condivo 22” template itself may already be an interesting look, it can be spiced up even more using one of the various available graphic options. There are six options in total (as well as no graphic). These include: Sash, Hoops, Vertical Stripes, Half and Half, Pinstripes and Chevron

Compared to previous miteam products, these graphics are kept very simple and sleek. Stripe and hoop proportions are carefully maintained throughout the shirt, with clean transitions between colors instead of gradients or other small patterns.

One interesting thing about these graphic options is that they partially extend onto the back of the kit, a characteristic many other Adidas miteam shirts do not feature.

mi Condivo 22 Shorts

As is often the case with a jersey released on Adidas miteam, the shirt template is accompanied by a shorts template as well. In this case, the “mi Condivo 22” shorts have been leaked as well. They are very simple compared to their jersey counterpart, but still offer several options for customization. The 3 stripes, Adidas logo, base color and side inserts can all be chosen by the customer.

Potential mi Condivo 22 Users

Joining the existing line of Adidas miteam products, the “mi Condivo 22” jersey will be available to any Adidas customers, including many of the teams not considered elite by the 3 Stripes. Clubs such as FC Nürnberg, FC Schalke 04, Fortuna Düsseldorf, Olympiacos Piraeus, Locomotive Moscow and many more fall into this category. Here are some predictions of what the “mi Condivo 22” jerseys for the 2022-23 campaign could look like.

Create your own mi Condivo 22 jersey

Since we expect the “mi Condivo 22” jersey to release in late 2021, the first teams to use this template will likely play in leagues that start at the beginning of 2022. Examples are the Norwegian and Swedish leagues, as well as many others in non-European countries.

Which teams could you see use one of these new options for 2022-23? Comment below.