Adidas X Speedflow 2021 Boots Cause Problems for Professional Athletes

In the past few weeks several professional athletes have taken to social media to show their completely destroyed Adidas X Speedflow.1 boots. It looks like the newest generation of adidas' speed silo does not pass the endurance test. Let's find out more.

Professional Athletes Have Massive Complaints About Upper of Adidas X Speedflow Boots

The big problem of professional athletes with the next-generation Adidas X Speedflow 2021 football boots is the upper as it easily rips apart almost like paper once metal studs hit it at the right angle.

One horrific example was shared by Everton youngster Niels Nkounkou. Nkonkou's Adidas X Speedflow.1 2021 boot is literally fully torn apart on the left side after getting in contact with metal studs.

It is most likely that the cause for this problem is the ultra thin upper which allowed adidas to make the boots even lighter than its X Ghosted predecessor. The Adidas X Speedflow 2021 boots weigh just 6.4 oz (181 grams).

Another, more common problem was shared by Santos left-winger Lucas Braga. Braga's image shows his bloody foot next to the Adidas X Speedflow 2021 cleats. A big hole in the forefoot area is clearly visible, and was most likely caused by another player with SG studs stepping on his foot. However, this problem also occurs with heavier boots such as the Tiempo Legend as pointed out by German centre-back Antonio Rüdiger earlier.

What do you think of these obvious durability problems with the next-gen Adidas X Speedflow 2021 cleats? Will Adidas be forced to update the upper of this generation midway through its lifecycle? Comment below.