Exclusive: Arsenal 2022 Teamgeist Collection Leaked

Adidas will soon release a new Teamgeist jersey and a few other items such as a tracksuit jacket for the Gunners. The new training jersey and tracksuit jacket convey very strong Teamgeist 2006 vibes.

Arsenal 2022 Teamgeist Jersey Leaked

Obviously, the whole collection also evokes strong memories of Arsenal's 2005-06 home jersey and it could be a first indication of what direction adidas and Arsenal will take in the next season for the actual match kits.

Nike Arsenal 2005-06 Home Shirt

Arsenal FC Adidas 2022 Teamgeist Jersey

This is the Arsenal 2022 teamgeist shirt, made by adidas.

The new Arsenal 2022 teamgeist jersey combines a maroon base with golden accents such as the adidas logo in the center, while Arsenal's logo comes in its standard version. Other golden accents are the 3 Stripes on the shoulders as well as trim on the sleeve cuffs.

A template-specific golden detail is the trademark line on each side varying in width and running from top to bottom. Additionally, there is also golden trim around the crew-neck collar.

Arsenal FC Adidas 2022 Teamgeist Tracksuit Jacket

The pre-match jacket pursues the same theme, thus combining a maroon base with golden accents, while adidas' logo sits on the right chest this time. The 3 Stripes are only present on the lower arm.

Arsenal 2022 Teamgeist Sweater

Adidas Arsenal 2022 Teamgeist Tee

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