Genoa CFC 21-22 Third Kit Revealed

The new Genoa third shirt was unveiled today. It is made by Kappa and will be worn in the 21-22 Serie A.

Genoa CFC 21-22 Third Jersey

Check out Kappa's Genoa CFC 21-22 third jersey below.

The Kappa Genoa CFC 2021-22 third football shirt is grey with a stripe on the left part of the front, styled to resemble the Lantera (Lighthouse), one of Genoa's main monuments.

The phrase 'A NÒSTRA LANTERNA. A NÒSTRA TÆRA' appears on the upper back of the Kappa Genoa 2021-2022 third shirt, while the front shows the coat of arms of Genoa instead of the club badge.

The Kappa Genoa CFC 2021-22 third shirt will be available to buy in "a few days".

Genoa 21-22 Home Kit Released

Made by Kappa. What do you think about Genoa's third shirt? Comment below.