Manchester City Reduces Stadium Capacity For Supersized Adboards

English Premier League team Manchester City have a new supersized LED’ pitchside advertising system. For it, the club have reduced the capacity of its Etihad Stadium by around 1,100. Story via The Stadium Business.

Manchester City Completes Installation of Two-Tier Digital Adboard System

For the 2021-22 Premier League season, Manchester City installed a new two-tier digital display system in early 2021. The club now offers the "most commercially valuable pitchside media space in the Premier League".

The system feature two tiers of screens that can synchronize to act as one supersized pitchside presence.

City removed 1,100 seatsTo carry out the upgrades, City removed seats on the front rows of the Etihad Stadium. Up to three rows were removed, reducing the stadium’s overall capacity by 1,100 to around 54,000.

Season ticket holders affected by the removal of the seats have been informed and offered a space elsewhere at the same price.

“As part of Manchester City’s ongoing development works to enhance the Etihad Stadium a second row of digital signage will be installed in the lower stadium bowl,” the club said in a statement reported by the MEN. “Regrettably, a small percentage of seats allocated to both season card holders and supporters who purchase on match by match basis will be removed".

Wolves, Bayern & other clubs also have two-tier adboardsCity are not the first team with a supersized LED advertising system. Wolverhampton Wanderers were the first to install a double perimeter LED system at its Molineux stadium in 2018.

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